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Sandblasting / Powder Coating

​• High impact and scratch resistance
​• Extremly good corrosion protection​ 
• ​Weatherproofed

• ​On demand even salt water proofed
• Visually appealing
• ​Much more environmental friendly than varnishing

• ​After cooling down the material can immediately be used

• Immediate use of the parts after cooling​

One of the big advantages of powder coating is that it is a lot more environmental friendly

(no solvents, acids, zero waste). 

the bandwidth of the available colours for powder coating is nearly endless and can be easily identified by the so called RAL colours which are used by ourselves.

RAL - Classic / Colour Overview

Mini RAL-Classic Colour Overview


Our Powder Coating Service:

Picture powder coated shelf by Barrej Tech Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Weight:          2,0 tons          

Length :         4,5 meters

Height:           2,0 meters

Maximum Capacities

Powder coating nowadays is more and more replacing the commonly known wet painting on most sorts of metals. It means spraying an electrostatic deposition (ESD) on the surface of the to be treated metal. The powder usually is applied to the metal by a spraygun which electrostatically charges the powder to attract it to the grounded part. After the spraying process the goods will be "baked" in an oven at a temperature between 160 - 240° C. The heat causes a chemical reaction that produces long molecular chains which make the coating much more resistant against environmental disturbances. 

It goes without saying that the materials have to be absolutely clean before starting the powder coating procedure wherefore sandblasting is highly recommended by us.

"It's tough, looks great

and lasts longer than any other painting procedure"


Please contact us seperately in case of oversized products

Picture powder coated aluminium cubes by Barrej Tech Umm Al Quwain, UAE