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Barrej Tech - Sandblasting / Powder Coating is a young and motivated company, under German ownership and management. With our high-tech equipment and quality materials, we take responsibility and passion in our work. From proper sandblasting, powder coating, curing up to packing of the finished products, we make sure that our customers will be fully satisfied. Our premises are exceeding 5300 square feet, located in Umm Al Quwain´s new and developing Emirates Modern Industrial Area.

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If you want to recoat or prime a surface, the best results are achieved by sandblasting these first. ​The outcome will be a smooth and sleek surface.
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Powder Coating
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Powder Coating

Powder coated products will have the most attractive, durable and high-quality finish available on market. The process itself is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free!
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For inquiries and more information ​please feel free to use one of ​the several options or visit us at our factory in Umm Al Quwain.
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Our Sandblasting/Powder Coating Service:

"Goods which are sandblasted and then powder coated will last by far longer than ordinary painted products."

"It's tough, looks great and lasts longer than any other painting procedure"


Usually sandblasting is the first step of the powder coating procedure. It means applying sand or other fine bits of material ( such as steel grit, glass, etc.) on the surface with high pressure for removing all contaminations, dirts and impurenesses. Sandblasting is by far the most efficient and environmental friendly process of cleaning materials.
  • Removing all kinds of unwanted particles from the surface
  • Easy and fast handling
  • Perfect base for subsequent powder coating
  • Environmental friendly
  • Weight: 2,0 tons
  • Length: 12,0 meters
  • Height: 2,0 meters
  • Please contact us seperately incase of oversized products.

Powder Coating

Powder coating nowadays is more and more replacing the commonly known wet painting on most sorts of metals. It means spraying an electrostatic deposition (ESD) on the surface of the to be treated metal. The powder usually is applied to the metal by a spraygun which electrostatically charges the powder to attract it to the grounded part. After the spraying process the goods will be "baked" in an oven at a temperature between 160 - 240° C. The heat causes a chemical reaction that produces long molecular chains which make the coating much more resistant against environmental disturbances. It goes without saying that the materials have to be absolutely clean before starting the powder coating procedure wherefore sandblasting is highly recommended by us.
  • High impact and scratch resistance
  • Extremly good corrosion protection
  • Weatherproofed
  • On demand even salt water proofed
  • Visually appealing
  • Much more environmental friendly than varnishing
  • After cooling down the material can immediately be used
  • Immediate use of the parts after cooling​
  • One of the big advantages of powder coating is that it is a lot more environmental friendly (no solvents, acids, zero waste).​
the bandwidth of the available colours for powder coating is nearly endless and can be easily identified by the so called RAL colours which are used by ourselves.
Presentation of RAL Classic Colors.
  • Weight: 2,0 tons
  • Length: 4,5 meters
  • Height: 2,0 meters
  • Please contact us seperately incase of oversized products.

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